950 ml of vegetable milk (soy, almonds, coconut, rice) 2 tsp of agar agar powder
3 Tbsp vegan card
1 tbsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp cornstarch Pinch of turmeric powder

Vegan Caramel ingredients

1 Spoon of vegan caramel at the bottom of the mold


Blend all the ingredients. Pour the mixture into a large saucepan and heat over medium heat for 10 minutes to activate the agar agar well.

Then pour the crème caramel mixture into a mold that was previously added a few tablespoons of Veganisimo Vegan Caramel.

Let set at room temperature for 1 hour.

Refrigerate for 4 hours before unmolding and serving.

Decorate with your favorite Vegan Caramel of Veganisimo



By Julie from Vegan Flor de loto






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