1.1 lbs of guava
1 piece of shredded piloncillo
1 liter of water
1 tablespoom of lime juice
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of minced pecan nuts
1/2 cup of Veganisimo vegan caramel


Boil the water and add the guavas once the water boils. Let them rest until they are completely cooked, and, once this is done, take them out and add them to the blender. Strain the guava paste to remove the seeds. In a pot, add your strained guava paste and add the sugar, piloncillo, and the lime juice. Cook the mixture slowly and don’t stop stirring.

Grab a tray, cover it in wax paper and pour the hot mixture into it. Make sure the mixture covers the whole tray. Let it cool and heat up the vegan caramel slowly in a pot.

Once the mixture is hot, add the pecan nuts, and the vegan caramel on top, and distribute them evenly across the mixture. Roll the mixture carefully using the wax paper. Finally, decorate it with some sugar and nuts.


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