“Veganisimo” Vegan Caramel is a delicious vegan dessert similar to “Dulce de leche”. It ́s made with soy protein, brown sugar and cinnamon. All of it ́s ingredients are completely vegan and gluten-free.

You can pair it with many desserts, like waffles, pancakes, crepes, cakes, ice cream, and more.

This isn’t a dietary product, but one of pleasure. It is the ideal alternative to those who want to enhance their desserts without breaking their commitment to the environment, or to those who want to enjoy a sweet snack without consuming dairy products or their derivatives. 

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We are committed to help the environment by using glass that can be recycled, and by engraving the letters into the glass instead of using stickers. By consuming this product instead of regular caramel, you are also reducing your carbon footprint, as it skips the pollution caused by milk production.

In addition to its incredible flavor, Veganísimo the super dessert:

– It is a less harmful product with the environment compared to the traditional caramel.

– It is a local and responsible product and made by Mexican women.

– By being packaged in glass, it better preserves its flavor and nature, in addition to being able to reuse it, return it to Veganísimo (write us an email to find out more) or send it to recycling. Glass as a material is fully recovered

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Veganísimo´s team

Alejandra Ibarra

" "I am a psychologist by profession, mother of three children and regiomontana. Sport, art, nature and cooking are my passions. I found a delicious and Mexican vegan dessert alternative: the vegan caramel. On this road I came across a beautiful person, Janete, with whom by joining forces, we created the Veganísimo world, the super dessert."

Janete, cofundadora de Veganisimo la mejor cajeta vegana del mundo

Janete Salcedo

""I am an animal lover and passionate about cooking. Since I became a vegan, one of the biggest challenges I encountered was always having a delicious dessert. Along with Ale, we created what we think is the best caramel in the world. Join us in the world Veganísimo the super dessert"

Veganísimo´s friends

Ana Laura Zerón

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